A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians

Sunday School

Our Children’s Sunday School takes place during the morning Worship Service that starts at 10:30 am.   If you have school age children there is something for everyone.  Our teaching staff are dedicated and focused on the Christan Education of the children in our Church.  Kelly Wickstrom is the Sunday School Superintendent and she is teaching K to grade 1.  Our other teachers are Geri Budd and she is teaching the preschool class; Adrienne Maez will be teaching grades 2-3; Lori Rawleigh is teaching grades 4-6 and Ken Hartung will be instructing the teen class of grades 7 to 12.  Children of all ages can go to their program during the preaching time, so if you are concerned about not being free to concentrate on the preaching, it has been taken care of.