A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians

Dat’s Reflections for April 14th, 2020

I spent a lot of time this past two weeks listening to people. It is the best I can do for them. It is amazing to see how people can come up with answers for many questions they have about life when they give themselves a chance to look beyond themselves and to believe that they have a lot to offer to others. Obviously, the majority of these conversations are about what we are going through with Covid-19: how we feel, what we can do to make things better in life isolation and what is life going to be like after? Here are a few things I took the liberty to record.

19 acts of kindness to reclaim our humanity in dealing with Covid-19:

  • Staying home, be with your loved ones and God
  • Get in touch with your grand parents, parents and your immediate family
  • Write down your thoughts, your feelings and your personal self-discovery
  • Donnate to a foodbank and a shelter
  • Buy masks for your neighbors if they cannot find one themselves. Make them if you are able
  • Order take out for someone who is a frontline healthcare worker and his (her) family or someone who needs help
  • Write notes to friends whom you have not seen for a long time
  • Work on your backyard and be thankful that life is still happening
  • As much as you want keep the virus out of your life, make sure to clean your closet (s)
  • Sit still and be thankful that you are not in control… say a prayer when you are at it
  • Pick up a hobby that you never had time to pay attention to in the past.
  • Be creative (not crazy) with your cooking…try a new recipe and name it “My Coveted Pleasure”
  • Make sure you travel within the confinement of your home…get to know space that you didn’t know you have 🙂
  • Read it you are a reader or listen to Audiobook selection of your choice…but nothing about Pandemic…nothing about Politics…
  • Listen to the news when it is needed. Stop using the news as a form of coping with bordedom because it might have the oppsite effect
  • Listen to music of your preference. If you don’t have one, just try something new then
  • Create some personal records and aim for them…like how long you can go without snacking…
  • If you need to go out and get some “fresh air”… remember others have the same need
  • Finally, don’t be too proud when you need help. Physical isolation does not imply indifference…

“not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

(Philippians 2: 4)