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SERMON: August 18th, 2019 “Does Your Religion Define You?”

Pastor Dave Sarsons
August 18, 2019

SERMON: August 18th, 2019 “Does Your Religion Define You?”

Religious people miss the gospel more than any other group because religion is the great substitute for our relationship with Jesus.  Religion wants to convince you that you are worthy and to give you a few things to do to make you even worthier.  Religion has always hated the gospel message because religious people would rather have a religion that teaches a good life.  As Christianity has gone mainstream, people have corrupted the gospel and lead the world to believe that all Jesus wants us to do is be a “better you” versus true faith that says there is no better version of you because you die to yourself and become new – true faith is becoming more and more like Christ. (based on JD Greear sermon)

Religion wants to convince us that we are worthy – and leads people to just want to know what they need to DO.  Righteousness has already been DONE on the cross by Christ.  All God wants is us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength!  Our relationship with Jesus is based on emotions and intimacy, not works.  What we DO only comes into play when out of Christ’s heart, we desire to BE CHRISTLIKE and DO as He DID, but works is only a reflection of our relationship, not the defining source (religion).

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