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SERMON: December 27, 2015 “Now What?”

Pastor Dave Sarsons
December 28, 2015

SERMON: December 27, 2015 “Now What?”

Today Pastor Dave challenged us with the question, “Now What?”.  So before we start a new year, a new sermon series, any new program, we have to individually and intentionally decide what we are going to do.  Corinthians 2:12 tells us that we have received the Holy Spirit so we may understand what God has freely given us and therefore we are able to connect with Him and commit to what we are going to do to improve our life.  There are five things that are meant to improve life, all together, they are impossible to attain, but we need to work on one thing at a time in Christ.

  1. Build confidence:  we need to trust in the Lord and step out and walk in the calling of the Lord
  2. Expand connections:  “we can be one relationship away from our destiny” (example Paul meeting Barnabas)
  3. Improve competence:  improve on listening, communication skills, authority
  4. Strengthen character:  the Holy Spirit will guide us to whom He wants us to be
  5. Increase commitment:  commit to what we have been called to do.

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