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SERMON: January 26th, 2020 “Follow Jesus”

Herb Harder
January 26, 2020

SERMON: January 26th, 2020 “Follow Jesus”

A.R. Bernard asks “What is God like? Jesus.  What is Jesus like?  Read the Gospels.  Who should we be like?  Jesus

“John’s recording is one of the most fascinating scenes of the ministry of Jesus.  Remember, the disciples went out to fish, saw Jesus on shore, and when they got to land there was Jesus making breakfast for them.  A charcoal fire, fish laid out on it, and bread.  In order to cook the fish, Jesus had to gather wood and build a fire.  He also had to clean them.  The hands that were nail scarred to purchase redemption for us were sooty with charcoal washed off and then used to split open the fish and clean them.  The creator of all things set the scene that portrays His mission.  Soiled with our sin on the cross, that the blood of His death may wash away all that defiles us.  Picture it.  Jesus makes breakfast.  Not only gets His hands dirty for our sake, but came to serve.  As if enduring a torturous, painful death was not enough that we should have endured, He goes to the point of preparing a meal for the tired working friends.  This is the very heart of Christianity.  There is no other God like Him.  A God who related to His creation and humanity like no other  A God that has the capability to solve all our problems yet near enough to understand all those problems personally.  No other world religion offers us a God who makes charcoal fires and fixes breakfast.  A God who became one of us, gave Himself to us in loving service with fish guts, charcoal and all.  So I ask you.  Why not follow Him?”  Gabrield Fluhrer

In John 21:1-14, Jesus used all the details of the day and night to achieve His plan – the boat, the net, the tired disciples, the confusion of past events and desperation.  The disciples didn’t question who called them for breakfast; they knew.  Jesus supplied their needs and now He still supplies their needs even after Peter denied Him three times and Thomas had a doubting attitude.

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