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SERMON: March 8th, 2020 “Does Jesus KNOW You?”

Pastor Dave Sarsons
March 8, 2020

SERMON: March 8th, 2020 “Does Jesus KNOW You?”

Does Jesus KNOW You?  Not just know you as in Psalm 139:1-7;13-16 or Jeremiah 29:11, but REALLY KNOW you?  Do you go to God and tell Him everything about you?  Do you want to get closer to God?  Don’t you want to hear Him say “I have been waiting for YOU”?

H.G. Moule “We will never be satisfied with anything less – each day, each hour, or each moment in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit – than walking with God.”

Alexander MacLaren “We are able to have as much of God as we want.  Christ puts the key to His treasure chest in our hands and invites us to take all we desire.  If someone is allowed into a bank vault, told to help himself to the money, and leaves without once cent, whose fault is it if he remains poor?  And whose fault is it that Christians usually have such a meager portions of the free riches of God?”

“It is possible for believers who are completely willing to trust the power of the Lord for their safekeeping and victory to lead a life of readily taking His promises exactly as they are and finding them to be true”.  It is possible to have an intimate passionate relationship with God – the question is are you ready to hold nothing back from Him and let Him see all of you?

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