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SERMON: May 20th, 2018 “Hard Questions About the Great Commission”

May 21, 2018

SERMON: May 20th, 2018 “Hard Questions About the Great Commission”

How is it that in places around the globe where our brothers and sisters are led by lay pastors, live in shocking poverty, face tremendous persecution, and are even being martyred for their faith, that the kingdom is advancing in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine here?

And yet here in North America where we have seminary trained pastors, live in safety, possess wealth beyond imagination, and have everything we could ever envision needing to reach the rest of the world, that:
• Evangelism here is almost non-existent
• Support for missions is in freefall, and
• The church is in full retreat?

Such questions are paramount for us to consider because their answers point not only to what is killing missions but the church itself; while leaving billions without access to the gospel in the process.

To unpack these critical questions, today we will explore the current state of world missions, why they are in freefall, why the western church is following a parallel trajectory, and what we need to change before it is too late?

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