A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians




          • HART MINISTRIES – Humanitarian Aid and Response Teams
            “changing the world – one heart at a time”
            is  a Christian Relief Aid Missions agency dedicated to serving the poor and equipping/empowering the local church in eastern Europe
            -provides food, clothing, medical care to orphanages, street children, invalids, hospitals, the elderly, those in prison and desperately poor families
            -provides education, training, equipping, and financial support for indigenous Christian leaders
            -provides opportunities for Christians in North America to be involved in world relief and missions projects
            contact missionaries Lloyd and Ulyana Ceneiko
            transformed lives through God’s Word in every language
            -transforming the lives of the people in Papau New Guinea  by presenting God’s Word in their own language
            -uses Bible translators, literary evangelists, church planters and support staff to impact the lives of many who are without the gospel
            contact missionaries Norm and Jill Weatherhead
          • ALBERTA BIBLE COLLEGEAlberta Bible College
            -offers a Christian education to young adults and adults
            -committed to developing student’s character and competency through classroom study and hands on experiences
            -emphasizes the unity of all believers in Christ
            -equips students for Christian work as pastors or missionaries
            -provides a camping environment in which people can develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
            -serves The Churches of Christ and Christian Churches of Alberta-summer camps are for all ages including recreation, music, crafts, teaching time, campfires and supervised free time
            -an interdenominational, nonprofit organization serving diplomats, senators, members of Parliament, ambassadors and business executives
            -provides a variety of networking services to help these communities be more effective in their leadership responsibilities
            contact missionaries Jerry and Carol Sherman
            -minister to congregations in Jamaica
            -involved in the day-t0-day operation of Ocho Rios Church of Christ
            -holding revival meetings, counsel and pastoral work
            contact missionaries Carlton and Pansy Mullings
          • ATHLETES IN ACTION – JACK KNIGHTJack Knight (2)
            -serves with Power to Change in the Athletes in Action Ministry
            -evangelizing, discipling, and mentoring in the ministry of the hockey world-is the Hockey Chaplain with two junior teams, the Calgary Flames, and Calgary Stampeders
          • FREEDOM SINGERSFreedom Singers
            -Simon Ivascu, Steven Ivascu and Wesley Pop, fled Romania when they were only teenagers
            -faced many dangers and hardships fleeing from Romania to Italy and in the face of insurmountable odds, they arrived in Canada
            -once a year they return to Romania as their mission to help the less fortunate