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This year, along with Gift Boxes for children, HART is planning to prepare a special gift for our Caseworkers. These are people who work tirelessly to care for your sponsored children and their families. Many risked their own health as they ministered to these destitute families during the Covid pandemic. As a token of our appreciation, we have decided to send each of them a Gift-Box filled with practical items typically not found in Ukrainian stores.


Our budget will be about $90/box plus $30 for shipping. Thank you in advance if you feel inclined to participate in this project. Your support will go toward the cost of purchasing items or shipping charges. If you are interested, please call Carrie at the office (403.230.8263) or email me at donna@hart.ca.


As a HART Child Sponsor, we encourage you to start preparing and shopping for your child’s Christmas “Gift Box of Hope.” The October collection date comes quickly.

What should I put in the Box?


For clothing items, the Caseworkers suggest using the ‘Family support monetary gift’ opportunity (up to $175/yr) and send a financial gift. This way, your child can choose their own clothes – or funds can be used for a family priority.



$10.00 minimum per shoe-box size and $5.00 for each kilogram if greater than 2 kg. For larger boxes (e.g. 12 X 12 X 10), we request $20.00 + weight (at $5/kg) for shipping.


If you would like to write a letter to your child, please do so through our WEBSITE at https://hart.ca/write-your-child/ or EMAIL at cspletters@hart.ca



YES. You can even extend greetings in the Ukrainian language! The kids will be delighted to get a note from you in their language. Here are some suggestions on how it should be written in the Ukrainian language:



If you have any questions regarding these changes or any aspect of our program, don’t hesitate to call our office at 403.230.8263 or email me at donna@hart.ca

Child Sponsorship Administrator – Canada/USA


transformed lives through God’s Word in every language
-transforming the lives of the people in Papau New Guinea  by presenting God’s Word in their own language
-uses Bible translators, literary evangelists, church planters and support staff to impact the lives of many who are without the gospel
contact missionaries Norm and Jill WeatherheadOur

Latest Prayer & Praise
Dear Church,

Summer is officially here now! The sun is strong – temperatures are in the high 20 C to mid 30 C range – Canada had it’s Canada Day, the States had their 4th of July celebration. Time to relax? Yes, and also time to still work on translation work. So on the days when it’s not raining (most days), Norm sits in his ‘outside’ office to continue working on language analysis and preparation for upcoming checking sessions.

Akukem Language

In our last prayer update, we shared the good news about how well the Zoom online checking sessions went during the months of April and early May. Norm and the Akukem translation team were able to review and revise Luke chapters 11-17. After this session was finished, Norm continued to review chapters 18-24 and prepared over 400 more questions on the text. In our sessions, we look at every aspect of translation which can include:

  1. Spelling: the team is getting more consistent, but many spelling errors still remain in their drafted translation materials.
  2. Grammar: Norm is getting better in understanding Akukem grammar, and translating Greek or Hebrew Scriptures into a Papuan language often requires a shift in how to express the meaning of the Bible in the grammatical structure of that language.
  3. Comprehension: what might seem clear to one person can be misunderstood by another person, so we have multiple checks on “does the meaning come through clearly?”
  4. Readability: in speech we tend to speak in long run-on sentences, or clipped short sentences, and either of these practices in writing can throw off a reader.
  5. Key Terms: perhaps the hardest aspect of translation is trying to describe or explain a biblical concept from a 1st century Judeo-Christian culture to a 20th century Papua New Guinean living in a remote jungle village.

All of these aspects of Bible translation are certainly challenging. The most important aspect is to allow God to use our best efforts of translation and with the power of the Holy Spirit to see the lives of the readers/listeners to be transformed by His Word. Please continue to pray that we see the light of God’s Word become light and life to the Akukem people of PNG.

Sob Language

Another project which Norm will be working on this summer is to prepare consultant questions on the Sob language books of James, Jude, and Philemon. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple checks which happen for every book of translated Scripture before it is considered ready to be published. After the Advisor Checking is done on a book, which is what we are doing on the Akukem book of Luke, there needs to be a Village Check (for comprehension), and then a Final Consultant Check on the book.

These Sob books of James, Jude, and Philemon have gone through all the checking stages except for the last one. As a trained linguist, and an experienced translator and consultant, Norm has done the final consultant check on many of our PNG language projects. This is an opportunity to help a fellow translator and their team to do one last check, with someone’s outside perspective who has not been involved in any earlier stage of the translation.

These final consultant checks often go quite smoothly, since the text is usually in very good shape by the time the last consultant looks at it. However, it always amazes all of us as to how many final revisions end up being made in this last checking session. During the month of July, Norm will prepare all his questions on these three books, and the plan is to do an online checking session with the national team (in PNG) and their translation advisor (Chris Urton in Illinois), and Norm still here in either Calgary or in Dallas this fall.

As you can see, there is still much to do. Praise God for this good weather, which is so much better for Norm’s body, and for the ability to do all this work for the Kingdom no matter what country we are in or what time of year it is.

Thank you for your prayers and for the faithful financial supporters who stand behind this work. We are all working together to see God’s Kingdom come and to see lives transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Norm & Jill Weatherhead
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Norm & Jill Weatherhead
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea
  Consider supporting this mission work to PNG through online giving: For Canadian donations, click here. (Choose “International Resource Team – Weatherhead” in the drop down menu.) For American donations, click here.
*Funds will only be accepted for board approved programs and projects. Each contribution will be used as requested with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the board, the remaining designated contributions would be used where needed most.


-offers a Christian education to young adults and adults
-committed to developing student’s character and competency through classroom study and hands on experiences
-emphasizes the unity of all believers in Christ
-equips students for Christian work as pastors or missionaries

PRAY FOR THE GOERTZENS — The greater camp family in Canada was saddened to hear that one of our camp directors lost 2 daughters in a car crash in southern Manitoba.  Duane and Sylvia Goertzen run the Roseau River Bible Camp and Duane has served on a National Board with me for the past 6 years.  All across Canada there are camps that are sharing about the love of God and the Salvation He offers – it is incredible what God does through Christian Camping.  It is painful when one of your colleagues is hurting so much.  Please pray for his family as they grieve the loss of Sophia and Acacia.  Here is a link to a news segment on the accident 

TELEIOS — The third session started last week with a whole new group of high school students.  It is incredible to see these youth grow in their love for Jesus.  Pray for these students as they return home.  Our prayer is that their roots would continue to grow deep and others would join them in their journey of faith.

WISDOM — Our sous chef has taken a job with Camp Evergreen starting in September.  We are excited for this opportunity for her to use her gifts and talents in more of a leadership role.  Pray that she would settle in well with her new team.  Pray also for SABC that we will find a qualified replacement to fill this huge role.


CAMP4U — Camp4U continues and already we have had over 4000 views across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!  Pray with us that children and families would come to know Christ in a deeper way through this online camp video series. 
FULL TIME STAFF — Pray for our team as they transition next week into the fall season.  It can be a hard time for some as we say goodbye to our incredible summer staff.  Pray that our team would gel and settle into the fall schedule and ministry.
FALL RENTAL MINISTRY SCHEDULE — There is still much apprehension about renting our facility from potential groups.  Pray that we would be able to operate again this fall and that our clientele would be able to use our facility without being afraid of the pandemic.  Pray that God would use this facility to reach people and share the gospel

-provides a camping environment in which people can develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
-serves The Churches of Christ and Christian Churches of Alberta-summer camps are for all ages including recreation, music, crafts, teaching time, campfires and supervised free time

There are summer camps for all ages – children, youth and families. Camps usually consist of recreation, music, crafts, teaching time, campfires and supervised free time, all in the context of positive Christian values. Recreation includes basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, canoeing, archery, obstacle course and other large group games. This camp also endeavors to plant the seed of the Christian faith to young people that they will know the Lord and build disciples for Jesus Christ.

-Embassy Connections Canada is a registered non-profit Interdenominational Christian organization which serves MPs, Senators and spouses, Canadian Judiciary, Ambassadors and spouses, Foreign government and economic leaders, and Top corporate leaders in Canada.
-Our organization connects our Canadian government and corporate leaders with foreign ambassadors to enhance areas of peace and future cooperation.
-We also serve as a resource to assist those who wish to gain a better understanding spirituality in their lives. Embassy Connections Canada is founded on the Apostles’ Creed.

contact missionaries Jerry and Carol Sherman

Thank You Emanuel for humbling Yourself by coming to earth, to sacrifice Yourself on the cross for our sins and give us the privilege of spending eternity with You.

  • Thank You Lord for blessing us with forty years of marriage.
  • Thank You Lord for leading our children: Joel (teacher) & Marika and grandson Peter live in Dawson Creek;  Dan (Power to Change student ministry) & Amanda (teacher) with grandchildren Isaac & Elise;  Joanna & Will (teacher) have grandchildren Oliver & Aubrey and ??? to be born in January in Calgary;  Rachel & Evgeni (banker) are in Ottawa with grandchildren Rosalia, Maksim and newborn Alexei;  and Matthew (manages the Salvation Army store in Dawson Creek).
  • Thank you Lord for the Embassy Connections Canada Board of Directors who give wise counsel and input to this ministry.
  • Thank You Lord for Your many ministry partners. They pray for us and support us with their encouragement, time and resources.
  • Thank You Lord for the many Christian corporate and political leaders, and their spouses, who are involved with us in ministry.
  • Thank You Lord for the opportunities early this year to minister to leaders in Colombia, Ecuador and Grenada.
  • Thank You Lord for the way you blessed the evangelistic outreaches of Embassy Connections Canada in Ottawa; one live in February and the rest online.
  • Thank You Lord for the privilege to lead Bible studies with Members of Parliament and wives of Ambassadors.
  • Thank You Lord for giving us the favour to meet with and share the message of God’s love, hope and forgiveness with ambassadors, corporate leaders and Members of Parliament.
  • Thank You Lord for the opportunity to lead ‘Embassy Connections Canada’ & be linked to more than 400 Christian organizations which are committed to take the Gospel around the world.
  • Thank You Lord that in spite of Covid we were still able to have one Ambassador Business Tour. You have worked in the lives of the ambassadors who participated.  Many who join us on these trips make a commitment to Jesus Christ.  Ambassadors from 104 Nations have now participated since we initiated these tours in 1998.
  • Thank You Lord for the opportunities You have prepared in advance for us (Ephesians 2:10) to witness to leaders in Canada and abroad in 2021.

Prayer Requests:   – As God continues to open many doors please pray that when the Covid restrictions relax we will be able to resume in person Embassy Connections Canada evangelistic events, ambassador tours and international outreaches.

Thank you for your prayers.  May you have a most blessed Christmas and fulfilling 2021.

Because of His deep eternal love for us,

Jerry and Carol Sherman

June Greetings from Ottawa,
During this past month, God in His special way has given us several unexpected divine
An Ambassador Attends a Web Round Table: Last week as Jerry was walking from the
Parliament to our Embassy Connections Canada office, there was a heavy rain. As he went to an
area to get out of the rain, he saw an ambassador whom he had not seen for several months.
Waiting for the rain to stop, the ambassador was asked if he would be interested in joining us for
our web event with Members of Parliament, representing ridings in British Columbia. He said he
would like to be invited. When it was his turn to speak at the web event, he pointed up with his
finger and told the MPs that it was God’s intervention for him to attend the meeting. The
ambassador’s response was positive, please pray for our follow up meeting with him.
Appointment With a Christian Member of Parliament Turns Into a Long Meeting With An MP
of a Different Faith: Our good friend had agreed to meet with us in the lobby of the Parliament.
As we sat down for coffee, another Member joined us. Soon, the other Member began to talk about
his religion. He spoke about things in his religion that he followed and others he did not. This gave
us the opportunity to talk about our faith. As the meeting came to a close, we gave him a book
about the importance of placing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He gratefully accepted the book
and said he would read it.
Parliament: Besides the meeting with the Member mentioned above, the Lord led us to have
meetings with two other Members who are of different religions. In both cases we were able to
share our faith with them. We thank the Lord that they continue to desire our friendship.
Prayer Requests:
1. Praise God for the12 successful Interactive Web Round Tables we have held with Members of
Parliament and Foreign Ambassadors. Fourteen Members of Parliament, along with a Cabinet
Minister from the Manitoba Legislature, were able to witness to the ambassadors who attended.
2. This past week, the Parliament recessed for the summer. They are not scheduled to return until
the 20th of September. Please pray for our Christian Members of Parliament that God will continue
to use them in their constituencies. Pray that the Lord will refresh them as they have faced a huge
spiritual battle during this Parliament Session.
3. For our trip to Western Canada to meet with ministry and family.
4. Pray for a safe move for our Calgary kids, as they are moving to Ottawa in July.
May our Great God of Joy and Peace give you a wonderful summer. Thanks for your prayers.
Jerry and Carol

-minister to congregations in Jamaica
-involved in the day-t0-day operation of Ocho Rios Church of Christ
-holding revival meetings, counsel and pastoral work
contact missionaries Carlton and Pansy Mullings

-serves with Power to Change in the Athletes in Action Ministry
-evangelizing, discipling, and mentoring in the ministry of the AIA missionaries across Canada with the position of Director of AIA Staff Care & Development
-to provide care and development to our missionaries so that we as a mission we may continue to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our sports culture across Canada
-continues to work with my Junior hockey teams and my corporate chapel with 4E Welding

Knight AIA Summer Update 2018
AIA Advent Newsletter2019

-Simon Ivascu, Steven Ivascu and Wesley Pop, fled Romania when they were only teenagers
-faced many dangers and hardships fleeing from Romania to Italy and in the face of insurmountable odds, they arrived in Canada
-once a year they return to Romania as their mission to help the less fortunate


-Real Impact India is a social entrepreneurial business dedicated to helping Indian families living within slum conditions. We provide executive class bed & breakfast accommodations and experiential tours to globally concerned citizens; while using profits to provide impactfull forms of assistance to India’s poorest people.
-With over 1.3 million people living in a slum area that is only half the size of Central Park in New York, the conditions were what can only be described as horrific. Imagine only 600 toilets to serve 1.4 million people (that is over 2000 people per toilet). Imagine the 15,000 hutment factories located here choking the life away from these people as they inhale the toxic fumes of burning paint and melting aluminium within non-ventilated areas, (with no protective equipment); every day until they die. Imagine a place choked with the combined refuse arising from a recycling effort that absorbs 80% of total recyclables arising from a city of 24 million people.

-Imagine rats, everything soaked from the long-standing effects of monsoon rains and alleys flooded with sewage. Imagine the smell of leather tanneries being added to this already toxic mix. Imagine scant light being able to even penetrate this densely populated area where the street outside your home is often less than shoulder width. Imagine half of all homes here be less than 100 sq feet within which an average of 4.5 must somehow survive. Imagine most babies dying before their first birthday. Now imagine that these conditions are BETTER than millions of others in this city. Imagine those who have no home at all; those who must huddle under bridges when it rains, squat in fields as their only toilet and where women must wait until dark to even consider venturing in that direction. Imagine, a red light district where children are sold into a lifetime of prostitution without hope of escape for as little as 200 dollars. Imagine hell on earth and you begin to scratch the surface. But it is all real and exits right now. Will you intercede with us?