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Prayer Request July 9th, 2020

HART MINISTRIES – Humanitarian Aid and Response Teams

“changing the world – one heart at a time”
is  a Christian Relief Aid Missions agency dedicated to serving the poor and equipping/empowering the local church in eastern Europe
-provides food, clothing, medical care to orphanages, street children, invalids, hospitals, the elderly, those in prison and desperately poor families
-provides education, training, equipping, and financial support for indigenous Christian leaders
-provides opportunities for Christians in North America to be involved in world relief and missions projects
contact missionaries Lloyd and Ulyana Ceneiko

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Prayer Request July 9th, 2020

transformed lives through God’s Word in every language
-transforming the lives of the people in Papau New Guinea  by presenting God’s Word in their own language
-uses Bible translators, literary evangelists, church planters and support staff to impact the lives of many who are without the gospel
contact missionaries Norm and Jill Weatherhead
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-offers a Christian education to young adults and adults
-committed to developing student’s character and competency through classroom study and hands on experiences
-emphasizes the unity of all believers in Christ
-equips students for Christian work as pastors or missionaries

-provides a camping environment in which people can develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
-serves The Churches of Christ and Christian Churches of Alberta-summer camps are for all ages including recreation, music, crafts, teaching time, campfires and supervised free time

There are summer camps for all ages – children, youth and families. Camps usually consist of recreation, music, crafts, teaching time, campfires and supervised free time, all in the context of positive Christian values. Recreation includes basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, canoeing, archery, obstacle course and other large group games. This camp also endeavors to plant the seed of the Christian faith to young people that they will know the Lord and build disciples for Jesus Christ.

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-Embassy Connections Canada is a registered non-profit Interdenominational Christian organization which serves MPs, Senators and spouses, Canadian Judiciary, Ambassadors and spouses, Foreign government and economic leaders, and Top corporate leaders in Canada.
-Our organization connects our Canadian government and corporate leaders with foreign ambassadors to enhance areas of peace and future cooperation.
-We also serve as a resource to assist those who wish to gain a better understanding spirituality in their lives. Embassy Connections Canada is founded on the Apostles’ Creed.

contact missionaries Jerry and Carol Sherman
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-minister to congregations in Jamaica
-involved in the day-t0-day operation of Ocho Rios Church of Christ
-holding revival meetings, counsel and pastoral work
contact missionaries Carlton and Pansy Mullings

-serves with Power to Change in the Athletes in Action Ministry
-evangelizing, discipling, and mentoring in the ministry of the AIA missionaries across Canada with the position of Director of AIA Staff Care & Development
-to provide care and development to our missionaries so that we as a mission we may continue to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our sports culture across Canada
-continues to work with my Junior hockey teams and my corporate chapel with 4E Welding

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-Simon Ivascu, Steven Ivascu and Wesley Pop, fled Romania when they were only teenagers
-faced many dangers and hardships fleeing from Romania to Italy and in the face of insurmountable odds, they arrived in Canada
-once a year they return to Romania as their mission to help the less fortunate

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-Real Impact India is a social entrepreneurial business dedicated to helping Indian families living within slum conditions. We provide executive class bed & breakfast accommodations and experiential tours to globally concerned citizens; while using profits to provide impactfull forms of assistance to India’s poorest people.
-With over 1.3 million people living in a slum area that is only half the size of Central Park in New York, the conditions were what can only be described as horrific. Imagine only 600 toilets to serve 1.4 million people (that is over 2000 people per toilet). Imagine the 15,000 hutment factories located here choking the life away from these people as they inhale the toxic fumes of burning paint and melting aluminium within non-ventilated areas, (with no protective equipment); every day until they die. Imagine a place choked with the combined refuse arising from a recycling effort that absorbs 80% of total recyclables arising from a city of 24 million people.

-Imagine rats, everything soaked from the long-standing effects of monsoon rains and alleys flooded with sewage. Imagine the smell of leather tanneries being added to this already toxic mix. Imagine scant light being able to even penetrate this densely populated area where the street outside your home is often less than shoulder width. Imagine half of all homes here be less than 100 sq feet within which an average of 4.5 must somehow survive. Imagine most babies dying before their first birthday. Now imagine that these conditions are BETTER than millions of others in this city. Imagine those who have no home at all; those who must huddle under bridges when it rains, squat in fields as their only toilet and where women must wait until dark to even consider venturing in that direction. Imagine, a red light district where children are sold into a lifetime of prostitution without hope of escape for as little as 200 dollars. Imagine hell on earth and you begin to scratch the surface. But it is all real and exits right now. Will you intercede with us?