A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians

Pastor Daniel Kortzman


Pastor Daniel Kortzman and his wife, Shalayne Kortzman, are excited to join the Vulcan Church of Christ community this September! Coming from Bow Valley Christian Church in Calgary, Alberta, Daniel and Shalayne are taking their next step in ministry by Daniel stepping into the role of Pastor in the town and County of Vulcan. Their call is to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ toward a deeper, richer understanding of the Lord to blossom into a deeper, fuller experience of joy and the life followers of Jesus are called to.

Pastor Daniel recently graduated from Alberta Bible College in Calgary, Alberta, where he trained in Theology over the last five years. During that period, he had the opportunity to experience life and ministry across not only nationally in Western Canada, but internationally in the United States and Europe too. Experiencing the deepening call and desire to enter into the Church as a pastor, he pursued opportunities to train alongside those already living it out in full in Calgary.

Meanwhile, Shalayne, after working several years after highschool felt that God was leading her to pursue ministry. Though the full direction was still unclear, Shalayne started attending Alberta Bible College in January of 2019. She has recently completed her diploma in Christian ministries and counselling and is now continuing her degree in Christian ministries and leadership.

Daniel and Shalayne met at Alberta Bible (Bridal) College in 2019. In getting the chance to study alongside one another, they quickly learned they had plenty of common ground: a love of good coffee, and a passion to see believers grow in their faith and Christian maturity. One year and a pandemic later, they married on April 4th, 2020.

Now, Pastor Daniel looks toward the coming season with excitement and anticipation, looking forward to the good things the Lord will do amongst His people in Vulcan, Alberta.

Daniel and Shalayne enjoy meals around a table in good company, walks during a warm prairie sunset, a board or card game in spirited sport, and meeting new and friendly faces to do life with together.