A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians


“May our Church be a humble House of Prayer….

    -please pray for safety and peace in God’s provision for this ministry
    -pray for 180 more intercessors to be raised up before they return to their areas of ministry
    -please pray for discernment of the Lord’s plan re: how to best support Erin while living in this environment
    -pray for dreams/visions and turning the hearts of the people in the slum to the Lord
    -pray for success and rapid expansion of mission business to help supply ministry efforts
    -praise that Norm made it safely to Madang last Saturday after 80 hours of traveling
    -praise that the Mum men have arrived safely and on time into Madang and pray for Norm and these men as they work in these next two weeks to complete the advisor checking of the last three chapters of Matthew
    -praise for the summer interns who came and spent seven weeks learning Bible translation and pray that God will lead them into whatever He would have them do in the future
    -pray for strength and energy for Norm as he jumps back into work in Madang
    -pray for the continuing editing session for the Mborena Kam as they work through the book of Luke
    -pray that the presentation given by their PBT team and the national men who have visited the four Lower Ramu language groups will sink in and the people will work in unity to build effective local language boards in the coming months
  3. HART MINISTRIES – July 10th, 2015
    -please pray for PEACE in Ukraine!  Pray for the children orphaned because of the war, pray for the refugees and now displaced people of the east as they start a new life in the west.  Pray for the wives of the soldiers serving in the east, pray for the chaplains who are reaching those soldiers and for wisdom for the leaders in government
    -please pray with Pastor Victor Pugach for Alina, a woman who has found hope in Christ, but needs to be grounded in the Word, and for Serhiy in his search for peace, that he would trust Jesus
    -please pray for Dara in Pastor Protsyk’s church in L’viv, she wants to be baptized but her family is against it
    -please pray for the church in Morshyn, that it may grow in quantity and quality
    -please pray for all the various camps running this summer; for the children and teens, for the disabled, for the ESL camps, family camps, and that all will come to the CROSS!
    -please pray for the families that these camps touch, that they would be open to the gospel
    -please pray for Pastor Valeriy Trufanov as he wants to build a rehab centre for those soldiers returning from the east
    -please pray for Pastor Volodymyr Hrytsak and his church as they serve with seniors and in the rehab centre for the alcohol and drug addicted
    -please pray for Pastor Anatoliy Babenko as he starts a special home for families in crisis; mothers who have given birth but are thinking of putting their children in an orphanage
    -please pray for Pastor Pavio and the Fimian church as they continue to help families who are in desperate need as food prices are increasing to 2-3 times the normal amount
    -please pray for the Medical Clinic on Wheels “Gift of Life” and the impact of the visits they have made on 11 new locations; many expectant mothers have made the choice to keep their babies and not abort because of the presentations of this pro-life ministry
  4. ATHLETES IN ACTION (AIA) – March 2015
    -please pray for continued healing for those families in the sports world who are grieving the loss of their sons who have passed away through tragic circumstances
    -pray that Pastor Jack Knight would have the right words for the last Flames chapel of the year on April 6
    -please pray for Pastor Jack’s wisdom in discipling his pro and junior athletes
    -pray that Pastor Jack and Rodd Sawatsky would continue to have favor with the Calgary Flames, Calgary Stampeders, and Calgary Roughnecks coaches and management
    -please pray that as Chaplains, they would have the wisdom and needed insights from God to continue to navigate through the new political and moral landscape of our country
    -pray for the May Stampeder camp and for AIA ministry with the Stamps
    -please pray for the June 23 AIA Golf Tournament; sponsors are needed as well as donated prizes and foursomes
    -please pray for the Knight family and for the smooth transition of their parents into a Care facility
    -pray for Pastor Jack’s involvement and leadership with the Men’s Ministry of his local church
  5. DAT NGUYEN – THOUGHTS:  “The Troubling Journey Ahead…” May 2015
    The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled against prayer at city council meetings with a unanimous decision, the country’s top court said reciting a Catholic prayer at council meetings infringes on the freedom of conscience and religion. The case started in 2011 after Quebec’s human rights tribunal ordered an end to prayers, demanded that a crucifix in the city council chamber be removed and awarded damages to Alain Simoneau who is an atheist and a leader of a secular-rights organization.In a separate incident Webber Academy in Calgary was fined by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for not allowing two Muslim students to pray publicly on its campus. Webber Academy maintains, “A key pillar of our founding principles is that the school be a non-denominational environment in which children can thrive and focus on their academic success.”So here we have it. It is against human rights and human freedom of conscience and religion to recite a Catholic prayer in a public office meeting while it is discrimination not to allow two Muslim students to pray publicly on the campus of their school. Am I missing something?I am not one who would force anyone to agree with my belief without having a chance to experience faith and to reflect on how one’s faith influences one’s life choices and directions. However, I would argue that atheism is also a faith expression in which the faith in a deity has been replaced by the notion of human piety and self-awareness. Nevertheless it is faith in the opposite direction to those who believe in God. So why do atheists think that they can force their belief on me?Somehow it is cool and acceptable for other faiths to have their forum of expressions while it is narrow minded and unacceptable for Christians to have theirs. Can it be true that it is more noble to ignore God all together while acknowledging God being considered as contempt for human dignity and rights? Have we become so lost in our own human arrogance that we cannot accept that to be human is to have the privilege of bearing all of God’s likeness?1 Corinthians 3:19
    -please pray for safe travels and health for Kristy’s brother Scott who is coming to visit
    -please pray for the NTC staff and students to finish Term 3 well
    -pray for Kristy’s niece Jalina Midgett and her boyfriend Jesse who were in a head-on collision on April 8th; Jesse is still in a coma with severe head injuries; please pray that he will wake up
    -please pray for the graduation and seminars coming up
    -please pray for Kristy to have wisdom, self-discipline and time with God
    -plese pray that Kristy will have a job when she returns home
    -pray that Kristy will have a good vacation
    -is a “youth-focused Christian camp whose purpose is to challenge, encourage, and inspire campers spiritually and physically to help equip them for life and to develop Christian leadership in young adults.”  “The vision of Southern Alberta Bible Camp is to see lives transformed by God through the gospel of Jesus Christ”.
    This year’s summer theme is “Searching for the Truth”  July 26th, 2015
    please pray for a splash camp nurse August 14-16
    -pray for a lifeguard for the remaider of the summer
    -please pray for 3 hide-a-beds, 3 coffee tables, and 2 mini-fridges
    -please pray for the leadership team this week as they share chapel messages
    -pray for health and energy for the staff
    -please pray for wisdom, safety and staff finances
    -please pray that God will transform lives this summer at SABC
    -praise God for bringing Dr. Stan Helton to accept the position of College president effective July 1st
    -Dr. Stan Helton has held positions with the Western Christian College in Regina as both Professor of Bible and Ministry/Academic Dean for over six years and his congregational ministry experience spans almost twenty years working with all three streams in the Disciples, A Capella and Independent Churches of Christ and Christian Churches
    -Dr. Helton and his wife Pat have been married for twenty-five years and have a married daughter
    -please pray for the Ambassador Business Round Tables July 23rd and August 5th
    -pray for the many one-0n-one meetings they are having with ambassadors in the next two weeks
    -pray for safe travel as Jerry and Carol visit family and friends in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of the United States, August 9th – 31st
    -please pray for the upcoming Ambassador Business trip to Kelowna September 10th – 12th
    -please pray for the upcoming Ambassador Business trip to Vancouver and the Fraser Valley September 21st – 23rd
    -please pray for the Christian Members of Parliament as they campaign to re-elected on October 19th