A Congregation of Conservative Evangelical Christians

SERMON: November 1st, 2015 “Living an Intentional Life for the Lord”

Today Pastor Dave reviewed for us the first four stages to living an intentional life for the Lord.  Step One – Giving Thanks; Step Two – Complaining and here we are given
clarification.  Confiding to each other about our lives and the problems we face is not complaining, but a way for us to be a church of friends and not just a friendly church.  We only need to watch ourselves if we, in hearing someone else’s life’s challenges, say that our troubles are so much worse and this leads to denying God’s sovereignty,  disrupting Christian unity, and discredits our testimony.  Step Three – Repenting and Step Four – Forgiveness.  Again, Pastor Dave helped clarify this step.  Forgiveness is not about saying that what someone else did was okay, but forgiving because the Lord forgave, forgiving because we need to come before the Lord with a pure heart and He wants us to have freedom from bitterness that can result from unforgiveness.  Step Five – Giving by Faith will be presented in detail next week, but Pastor Dave put forth a question for us to ponder; “is your lifestyle different than what you say about your faith?”